The Hottest “Pop Up” Secret in LA

Pssssssst. Hey, you. Yeah, you! Want in on a little secret? Let me rephrase that…want in on a really, big secret? You do? Okay, well, listen up…

It’s common knowledge that Southern California is known for it’s top restaurants, stellar cuisine, superb wines, celebrity chefs, mixology madness, craft beer cool, and the hottest trend of “pop-up” dining, right??

Well, did you know that Los Angeles will host one of the most epic, “pop-up” extravaganzas ever to be staged in Southern California on August 25? Shhhhhhhhh, keep it down, will ya? Here’s what’s happening…

LA’s first-ever mass picnic, PopUp Dinner LA, has finally come to town; and nobody – I mean, nobody – knows where it will be. You heard me! Nobody knows. Pretty exciting, huh? PopUp Dinner LA is an elegant dining experience with a modern, radical twist. Described as an “underground dinner meets flashmob meets outdoor picnic,” this epicurean experience is sure to be an affair to remember.

After successful PopUp Dinners in San Francisco and San Diego, where thousands gathered to wine and dine under the stars, the Masters of Ceremony, Hand Made Events, decided to bring their unique brand of fun, enchantment, and spontaneity to a secret location here in Los Angeles. The location will be revealed to guests just hours before the event via email.

Now listen close, this is the important stuff. Guests of PopUp Dinner LA are required to wear all-white attire. Can you just envision the glamorous, swankified patrons, all gloriously swathed in silvery, gossimer moonbeams, dining on epicurean delights and laughing in shared revelry? I can’t help thinking of Gatsby right now…

Guests are also to bring their own delectable food and beverages that reflect a love for dining in style…don’t forget tableware and ambient lighting!

Hand Made Events provides the tables, chairs, and entertainment. And if you’re short on time, there’s even food and beverages available for those who would rather purchase pre-ordered dinner baskets curated by a fabulous local chef. Baskets include: a bottle of champagne, gourmet fromage, crackers & grapes, seared ahi, watermelon & mint salad, mascarpone & fig, and pot de creme. Gastronomic bliss!

Let your personal style set the tone: sophisticated, modern, country-casual, avant-garde, theatrical or traditional…there is no “right way” to participate in PopUp Dinner LA. There is only a time and a place to share the unparalleled communal experience of this magical event with friends and family.

What’s more, a portion of proceeds goes to Slow Food Los Angeles, a chapter of Slow Food USA that encourages health food education for children.

So, if you have a gastronomic flair and an appreciation for all things epicurean – good food, great ambience, music, dancing, creativity and adventure – you don’t want to miss PopUp Dinner LA.

Just a reminder, the location is a secret until the day of the event; but rest assured, the location is supposed to be magnificent…and large enough for you and thousands of friends, old and new.

Will I see you at the hottest, pop-up secret in town…?

PopUp Dinner LA
August 25th, 2012
Tickets are $28 per person
$50 to purchase a catered picnic basket (1 basket, per person)
To purchase tickets, view menu and get more details, visit

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